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Ep.23 - A Magical Year

February 04, 2022 Gwen Watson and Kate White Season 3 Episode 23
Right Up My Podcast
Ep.23 - A Magical Year
Show Notes

We talk to journalist Emma Howarth about her book 'A Year of Mystical Thinking' – an account of the year that changed her life, where she explored the power of vision boarding,  sound baths, spirit guides, rituals, mediation, tarot, oracle cards, crystals, astrology & manifestations...to name just a few.

Emma shares with us her experiences, and sets us and the listener a challenge to kick start our magical year. Kate also goes on a surreal journey to find her spirit guide and Gwen gets serious about her new moon intentions. 

To find out more about Emma and her book head to https://mysticalthinking.com/

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Music - Andrew Grimes
Artwork - Erica Frances George

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