Right Up My Podcast

Ep.39 - Connecting People

February 22, 2023 Gwen Watson and Kate White Season 5 Episode 39
Right Up My Podcast
Ep.39 - Connecting People
Show Notes

We talk to Maff Potts about the importance of having people and purpose in our lives. Maff is the founder of Camerados, a charity that helps people support each other through tough times. One of the main ways they do this is by setting up Public Living Rooms – places to go to when you need to connect to or just be around other humans, with no agenda, no mission and no fixing.

Before setting up Camerados, Maff spent 20 years working in the homelessness sector, where he ran the largest homeless services in the country for The Salvation Army, as well as being CEO of the award-winning organisation 'People Can', which worked with homelessness, criminal justice, domestic violence and addiction services. Maff ran the Government's programme to modernise homeless centres and even set up a shelter one Christmas in the Millennium Dome, for the charity Crisis!

To find out more about the Camerados and Public Living Rooms, head to camerados.org

If you're interested in setting up a Public Living Room in your community, then email Yvonne for a chat at cuppa@camerados.org

We chat about coffee drinking advice on insta from @charlottefauregreennutrition

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