Right Up My Podcast

Ep.48 - Improv Your Life

September 21, 2023 Gwen Watson and Kate White Season 6 Episode 48
Right Up My Podcast
Ep.48 - Improv Your Life
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Show Notes

We talk to Imogen Palmer about the life skills that can be learned from the art of improv, and how these can help us in our interactions with others – from learning to listen, build and collaborate, to being brave and confident in your own wonderful weirdness.

Imogen also leads Gwen and Kate through a classic improv game (try this one next time you're stuck in a traffic jam... or after a few tequilas!) and sets us a challenge to try out in everyday life.

Imogen is a highly experienced improv performer, coach and facilitator. For more information about improv classes and shows, visit the Bristol Improv Theatre website at improvtheatre.co.uk

Find out how you can bring improv to your workplace or community setting: improvtheatre.co.uk/workplace-and-applied-improv-training/

To find out more about Imogen's creative ventures, you can visit her theatre company site thedelightcollective.co.uk

In this episode we also mention the very first episode of Right Up My Podcast. You can listen here: rightupmy.buzzsprout.com/1337593/5429605-ep-1-living-orgasmically

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Music - Andrew Grimes
Artwork - Erica Frances George

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