Right Up My Podcast

Ep.10 - Walking Therapy

March 31, 2021 Gwen Watson and Kate White Season 2 Episode 10
Right Up My Podcast
Ep.10 - Walking Therapy
Show Notes

Spring has officially sprung, and all we want is to be OUTSIDE! Join us as we talk to integrative psychotherapist Jonathan Hoben about the healing power of walking. Jonathan, who pioneered the concept of Walking Therapy, shares his insights and experiences of using the 'walk and think' method to help clients reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, work stress & anger, and to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Find our more about Jonathan and his work https://jonathanhoban.com/

Follow Jonathan on instagram, where he will be running insta live sessions giving free advice: https://www.instagram.com/jonathan_hoban/

His book, Walk With Your Wolf is published by Yellow Kite Books: https://www.yellowkitebooks.co.uk/titles/jonathan-hoban/walk-with-your-wolf/9781473693210/

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