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Ep.20 - Perimeno-go!

December 01, 2021 Gwen Watson and Kate White Season 3 Episode 20
Right Up My Podcast
Ep.20 - Perimeno-go!
Show Notes

We talk to women's health expert and registered nutritionist, Emma Bardwell, about perimenopause – a hot topic that despite getting an increased amount of media attention, still leaves many women with a lot of unanswered questions.

Emma takes an evidence-based, no-nonsense approach to demystifying the perimenopause. We talk all things HRT, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise & sex, debunking myths left, right and centre.

This week we get practical in the try it out section! And Gwen shares her experience of how, armed with this new knowledge, she visited her GP to start HRT. 

You can find out more about Emma and her work here: https://www.emmabardwell.com/

Her excellent book 'The Perimenopause Solution: Take control of your hormones before they take control of you', is available at all good book stores.

Emma refers to the following in our chat:
The XX Brain: https://www.thexxbrain.com/
Jo Divine: https://www.instagram.com/jo.divine/
Greene Climacteric Scale: https://www.mymenopausecentre.com/gp-resources/what-is-the-greene-climacteric-scale/

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Editor - Pammy Muir
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Artwork - Erica Frances George

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