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Ep.42 - Vision Boarding

June 21, 2023 Gwen Watson and Kate White Season 6 Episode 42
Right Up My Podcast
Ep.42 - Vision Boarding
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Show Notes

We talk all things Vision Boarding, in this special episode that features insights from not one, not two, but three vision boarding experts. 

Artist Di Ford runs vision boarding and mindful collaging workshops in West Wales. In this episode she joins Gwen and Kate in Gwen's kitchen, to help them create their very own vision boards.

Artist and writer friends Jodi Jones and Laura Hailstone founded Dream, Play, Create, and have been running vision boarding workshops for many years, both in person and online. They share various exercises that can help you get the most out of your vision boarding experience.

To find out more about Di and her work head to diford.com or check out her instagram @di_ford_. Di offers bespoke Collage Art Experiences for corporate wellbeing away days, team building events, brand launches and much more. If you are interested in collaborating with Di she can tailor the event to your exact needs, down to the last detail. Get in touch via hello@diford.com 

To find out more about Jodie and Laura's vision boarding workshops head to facebook.com/dreamplaycreate/ Dream, Play, Create design and run vision board and creative workshops for individuals and businesses.

In this episode we also mention our Gardening for Wellbeing episode, which can you listen to here: rightupmy.buzzsprout.com/1337593/11836273-ep-34-gardening-for-wellbeing

And Gwen finally gives the details re: this book: Gut: The Inside Story of our Body's Most Underrated Organ, by Giulia Enders

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Editor - Pammy Muir
Music - Andrew Grimes
Artwork - Erica Frances George

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